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"Sharing CabRow Stories"

Brief Biography of Ms. Maggie P. Bryant

Compiled by Larry B. Johnson (Carver, Class of 1966)

KAA-MaCC is proud to receive the first submission for the Black History Series, "Sharing CabRow Stories," from Dr. Larry B. Johnson.  Dr. Johnson is a graduate of the former George Washington Carver High School in Kannapolis, NC; a faculty member in the Department of English and Language Arts at Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD; and a member of the KAA-MaCC Board of Directors.

​​In 1944, Ms. Bryant accepted a library position at George Washington Carver High School, Kannapolis, NC.  In connection with the library, she taught history and civics.  In 1962, she became a full-time librarian.  She established five libraries, including a Media Center for Language Arts and Social Studies for George Washington Carver Seventh Grade Center; and she assisted in replacing the same library when the school was destroyed by fire in 1975.  Subsequently, she organized the Kannapolis Middle School Library and served as a librarian at J.W. Cannon Junior High School and at A.L. Brown Senior High School.  Also, in 1967 and 1968, she was a librarian for the summer program sponsored by the Cannon Memorial YMCA for the G.W. Carver School.  Ms. Bryant retired on July 1, 1982, after forty-three (43) years of service in education, thirty-three (33) of those years in the Kannapolis City Schools.

Ms. Bryant resides in Durham, still spending much of her time researching family history and compiling historical data about G.W. Carver High School.  In July 2015, the Carver community honored Ms. Bryant on her 100th birthday.  To this day, she beams at that celebration being one of the major highlights of her life.  In fact, she is always speaking so proudly of Carver, its staff and students.  She comments that teachers took a whole lot of little to make a whole lot of something, and she is so very proud of her students who made great strides, whether they pursued great careers or became good citizens.  For the Grand Reunion booklet in 1998, Ms. Bryant wrote:  "Carver can be compared to a family.  Some of us did well, exceptionally well.  Carver showed love, friendship, and inspiration, shaping us into the fine men and women we are today.  As I look back, I recognize that I have thoroughly enjoyed the experiences, and I am exceedingly proud to have become a member of the Carver family."

History Collection Initiative - Black History Series

Dr. Larry B. Johnson with Ms. Maggie P. Bryant at the 100th Birthday Celebration in 2015.  (Photo Credit:  JANT/Designs)

Reprinted with permission by Dr. Larry B. Johnson who contributed the "Brief Biography of Ms. Maggie P. Bryant" to the

G.W. Carver Alumni Association, The Eagle's Eye Newsletter (2nd Edition, January 22, 2019).

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