Four individuals will be honored during the KAA-MaCC Sixth Anniversary Celebration Weekend at the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on Saturday, October 12, 2019.  The venue for the ceremony is The Laureate Center in Kannapolis, North.  Festivities will begin with a reception, Silent Auction, and Cash Bar (3:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.) with the Induction Ceremony following at 5:00 p.m.

Lifetime Achievement Honorees            

Mrs. Wilma Steepleton Lindsay  (deceased),  educator at the Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church Kindergarten School.

Mr. William Timothy "Jimmy" Murphey (deceased), community organizer with a legacy of giving and fondly known as "Mr. Christmas."

Dr. Katie Geneva Cannon (deceased), the first African-American woman ordained in the United Presbyterian Church.

Mrs. Shirley Bridges Galimore, one of the first African-American women students to be allowed to seek a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing at Winston-Salem State Teacher's College (now Winston-Salem State University).

2019 Hall of Fame Inductees

Cabarrus & Rowan County,
North Carolina


Tickets for the Gala Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony are available for $30 each on our Donate page or Online via this link.

Celebrity Hall of Fame

The Celebrity Hall of Fame category recognizes individuals from or have roots in Cabarrus and Rowan County and have attained celebrity status in their chosen careers.  These are individuals who are deemed very important and are very well known.

Sponsorship and Underwriting Opportunities 

Sponsorship, underwriting opportunities, and souvenir journal advertisements are available for the Sixth Anniversary Gala Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. For details, call the KAA-MaCC  Administrative Office (704.925.1314) or email ( To download the KAA-MaCC Sponsorship Proposal, click here.  Submissions are due on/before Friday, September 20, 2019.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Eligibility for Nominations

Legacy Hall of Fame

General Admission

In the category of Lifetime Achievement, an award is presented to individuals recognized for their gift/talent and leadership in the communities throughout Cabarrus and Rowan County.

Residents, former residents, family members and/or kindred are eligible for nomination after their contribution was made to the African-American community in Cabarrus and Rowan County, North Carolina and/or other location of residence. They must be in good standing in the community where they lived as determined by the Board Members.

Such individual or institution (i.e., trailblazers) must have contributed a memorable impact on said community or in their career. Among the accomplishments taken into account will be individual (neighborhood, city, state, or national), professional achievement, educational with school impact (team accomplishments, individual school), institutional contribution/ achievement, and have a positive impact on the community at-large during their era and accomplishments thereafter.

The nomination is also open to businesses and/or churches that must have served with distinction and/or made significant contributions to African-American communities, as evidenced, for example, by the success of their administrations and the acknowledgment of same.

​KAA-MaCC Hall of Fame

​The Legacy Hall of Fame category recognizes individuals who have made significant and extraordinary contributions that have had lasting value and importance and have withstood the test of time.


The purpose of the Kannapolis African-American Museum and Cultural Center Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor African-American individuals from Cabarrus and Rowan County, North Carolina who excelled in their respective roles and who helped to bring honor, recognition, distinction, and excellence to their gift/talent. Recognition of individuals in the Hall of Fame will help maintain the spirit, pride, and sense of community as well as serve as a historical account of the African-American presence in Cabarrus and southern Rowan County, North Carolina.

A hall of fame will be constructed in a display case in the main hallway foyer in the museum. All awardees, selected for induction into the Hall of Fame, will have a gold plate placed on a plaque in the display case with their name, category of award, and city/neighborhood where they lived or worked.


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