Black History Celebration

The Black History Annual Celebration is usually held three days after Juneteenth.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Black History Celebration has been postponed until 2023.

Black History: Did You Know?
To share factual Black History with our friends, information is posted to our Facebook page every week.  The weekly Black History: Did You Know facts are also sent to groups (Kannapolis Friends of KAA-Macc and Ktown FBFs) and Facebook friends.  Connect with us to discover interesting facts about African-Americans.  Source: L.D. Melton Agency LLC - Complimentary 2019 Calendar (ComdaAdvertising Connections) 

Sharing CabRow Stories
Do you have a fond memory of growing up in Cabarrus and/or Rowan County (CabRow)? A favorite place? Artifacts of times past?  Please share them with KAA-MaCC!

As part of the History Collection Initiative, the Black History Series includes small history that is not included in the large history covered in textbooks.  The Kannapolis African-American Museum and Cultural Center (KAA-MaCC) now introduces
“Sharing CabRow Stories” that is available on our website (

Stories may be edited for length or clarity and will be posted as space permits.  Not all stories will be posted.  You may choose to share your story without having it considered for posting.  Your story may be considered for posting by sending the following required Information:

     1.  Your Name

     2.  Phone

     3.  Email Address

     4.  Tell Us Your CabRow Story (attach a document or photograph to accompany your story)

     5.  Choose One:  ______

          (a)  I would like my story to be considered for publication.

          (b)  I want to share my story with KAA-MaCC, but do not wish to have it published.

     6. Additional Comments or Requests

By submitting the above-mentioned information (#1-#6), you are giving the Kannapolis African-American Museum and Cultural Center, Inc. permission to use, on our website and/or in printed materials, the information and materials you are submitting.  You are further certifying that you are the Owner of these materials and have the authority to grant this consent.

Date:  ________________________    Signature:  _________________________________________________________________

You can download the fillable-PDF Submission Form by clicking here.

Forward Your Story to Submit:  Mail your information for"Sharing CabRow Stories" to KAA-MaCC, Inc., Post Office Box 494, Kannapolis, NC 28082-0494You can also send the above-requested information via email to

History Collection Initiative Campaign Fund

KAA-MaCC launched the History Collection Initiative Campaign (HCIC) on December 31, 2018, to promote local history collection and support public programming for youth education. 

The KAA-MaCC HCIC Fund drive is designed to reach a goal of $50,000 or more through the generous gift of $500 from one hundred (100) individuals to support youth education.  Funding from the HCIC will be used to hire staff (a history collections program coordinator and researcher), exhibit development, marketing, and community outreach.

Contributions to the KAA-MaCC HCIC Fund can be made online on our website ( or use the shareable link to this form (  You may also Text to Donate (text to the number 41444/enter keyword 2019HCICFund).  To make a cash or check donation to the HCIC Fund, please call the KAA-MaCC Administrative Office at 704-925-1314.

Become a fundraising leader of KAA-MaCC today and donate now to support youth education that we all cherish.  Kindly consider an investment of $100, $250, or $500 (or more) to help us achieve our mission and be successful in providing programs of excellence.

History Collection Initiative

& Cultural Center, Inc.



Cabarrus & Rowan County,
North Carolina


Junior History Detectives

The Junior History Detectives program for junior and high school students in grades 6-12.

Historical Banner Series

The program includes historical banners for the three local alumni associations (George Washington Carver High School, Aggrey Memorial High School, and Logan/Shankletown High School) along with specialty banners of African-American history and culture. The banners will serve as a visible reminder of who we are, our contributions, and commitment to preserving African-American local history and culture in Cabarrus and Rowan County.  Creatively designed banners will combine history with pictures to encourage the viewer to get acquainted with the history of days past.  The goal is to inspire explorations and to promote and preserve local history of African-Americans in our area.

Black History Series

The Black History Series includes a program for the Black History Annual Celebration; and new projects entitled:  "Black History-Did You Know?" and "Sharing CabRow (Cabarrus and Rowan) Stories."        

The Kannapolis African-American Museum and Cultural Center (KAA-MaCC), Inc. is creating public programming that will engage young minds to dig deep to uncover small history untold about African-Americans in Cabarrus and Rowan County.  The History Collection Initiative seeks to allow youth to learn from community memories and share their perspectives on what a historical story means to them.  Viewpoints of youth will be captured to tell stories using historical sources, read historical works, and visit repositories to discover information about the African-American family in our area.  The objective is to help youth and adults to learn more about each other as well as appreciating and respecting cultural differences.

Programs for Junior History Detectives, Historical Banners, and a Black History Series will be initiated and/or expanded for public awareness.

KAA-MaCC History Collection Initiative has three components:  Junior History Detectives, Historical Banner Series, and the Black History Series.  Information about each program follows.

History Collection Programs